AS 1200 AC1, Air Assisted Battery Spray Blower (CAS with battery pack / charger)

AS 1200 AC1, Air Assisted Battery Spray Blower (CAS with battery pack / charger)


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Spraying with even greater efficiency 

Air supported spraying with Accu-Power

Only in combination with the Birchmeier Accu-Power line (REB 15, REC 15, REX 15, A 50, A 75, A 130, BM 1035)

The new technology from Birchmeier. A new dimension to plant protection: Spraying with pressure-controlled liquid supply in an air stream. A large spraying range can be achieved with pre-spraying and a variable air stream. A minimum loss of spray solution and a long reach is the result. The air stream also causes the targeted leaves to move, providing optimum wetting and penetration of foliage and shrubbery. The AS 1200, powered by an additional battery, is combined with a sprayer from the «Accu-Power» line. The spray blower is extremely powerful, easy to operate and impressively quiet.


Makes work easier

By means of an adjustable air stream and pressure-controlled pre-spraying, the AS 1200 achieves maximum fluid transportation over the required distance.

  • Adjustable air stream
  • Specified pre-spraying
  • Configurable application rate
  • Evenly distributed droplet spectrum
  • Optimum target penetration
  • High level of target area efficiency
  • Improved use of active ingredients


Powerful and quit performance

  • Up to 6 hours of rechargeable battery power
  • Adjustable air speeds up to 65 m/s
  • Additional power level
  • Spray distance up to 13 meters
  • Low noise emission
  • High energy efficiency


    Added value by combining with the
    «Accu-Power» series

    The clever concept: the AS 1200 with the existing Birchmeier battery-powered sprayer for even greater benefits. The ideal duo for comfortable and power-saving working with greater freedom of movement.


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