Disinfection / Sanitising

Viruses are mainly transmitted through droplets and then by touching contaminated surfaces and mucous membranes with the hands. Therefore, personal hygienic measures are the first step to avoid infection.

The second step is the disinfection of surfaces which have a high risk of contamination, such as window and door handles, keyboards, touchscreens. After that, other surfaces with a lower risk of contamination can be disinfected as well.

The surfaces have to be completely covered with disinfectant to reach an effective disinfection.
The disinfectant can only be effective where there is contact with it.

Quick alcohol-based disinfectants are only effective as long as the surface is wet. The surfaces (or hands) have to remain wet to reach the contact time needed.

Other disinfectants are still effective even when they are dry (please read the data sheet of the disinfectant). It is still necessary to cover the surface completely with disinfectant, but it does not need to remain wet.

The following germ reduction can be reached by

- cleaning 10 – 90 % - disinfecting   >99,999 %

Visible dirt should be cleaned off the surface before disinfection.

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