A 75 AC1, wheelbarrow sprayer (75 litres) with accu pump station BM 1035 *

A 75 AC1, wheelbarrow sprayer (75 litres) with accu pump station BM 1035 *


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Powerful and mobile with battery engine (new with CAS system)

The wheelbarrow sprayer A 75 allow mobile and large-area applications, when it comes to professional spraying for in- and outdoor areas. The pressure can be adjusted continously from 1 - 10 bar. The units can be completed with a large range of accessories.

Performance characteristic

  • 1 - 10 bar
  • 2.5 h / 727 liters (at 2 bar and 1.5 l / min)
  • 18 V LiHD / 8.0 Ah
  • Battery pack charging time < 160 min


Unique Birchmeier features!

  • Transparent tank with large filling opening
  • External suction filter, which can be cleaned easilyn
  • Removable 4.5 litre fresh water tank with spout
  • 50 m hose winch with swivel joint
  • Hose winch with operating break and locking function
  • Hydraulic agitator, optional to switch on
  • Optimal center of gravity due to the low situated tank


Various applications

  • Fruit trees
  • Vegetable- and mixed cultivations
  • Communal amenities
  • Surroundings sensitive to noise (cemeteries, hospitals, schools)
  • Indoor plantages, greenhouses


NEW with CAS: One battery, many solutions

  • CAS* - Unlimited combinations
  • Cross-manufacturer compatibility for over 140 devices
  • Different battery packs obtainable (up to 8 Ah)
  • Charge level is displayed by LED lights

* CAS (Cordless Alliance System is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands)



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