AquaNemix 1.25 V

AquaNemix 1.25 V


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Application of nematodes in a precise dosage. The well designed dosing system ensures a precise mixture of water and nematodes.

  • Precise admixture of nematodes (2%)
  • Water pressure should be connection min. 1.5 bar bis max. 5 bar
  • Incresed water flow: at 4 bar new 14 l/min (previous version 6 l/min)
  • Easy watering with neutral position (no nematodes added to water = pure water flow 14 l/min)
  • Handle swivelling respect to tank
  • Quick and easy mounted (snap lock" and screw fitting)
  • Robuste and handy unit for commercial 2% nematodes
  • Maintenance free and easy to clean


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