Granomax 5, Spreader

Granomax 5, Spreader


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Fertiliser- and salt spreader with dosage control

Fast fertilization and spreading with Granomax. Uniform and fast spreading is now very easy. So the lawn sowing succeeds perfectly and salt spreading succeeds in no time. And this is how Granomax works: 

  • Granules up to 4 mm particle size can be distributed
  • 5-stage control allows an accurate granule flow rate
  • Dust proof 6.5 litres filling volume of the bag (approx. 5 kg fertiliser / 8 kg salt)
  • Large opening and zip closure
  • With easy lateral movements, width up to 2 m can be evenly covered with spreading material
  • The sophisticated design of the spread head allows even spreading in any situation
  • Easy adjustment of the spreading height due to a clever carrying system
  • Length of carrying strap adjustable for different body sizes
  • Connection funnel transparent to see granule flow
  • Trigger locking device for transportation


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