A 75 AZ1, barrow sprayer (75 litres) with accu pump station BM 1035 *

A 75 AZ1, barrow sprayer (75 litres) with accu pump station BM 1035 *


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Powerful and mobile with battery engine

The wheelbarrow sprayer A 75 allow mobile and large-aera applications, when it comes to professional spraying for in- and outdoor areas. The pressure can be adjusted continously from 1 - 10 bar. The units can be completed with a large range of accessories.

Configure your unit

Three proven sprying settings (long distance, power or high distance spraying set)

Various range of accessories

Large version with 130 litres

Pump engine as petrol or electric version available

Convincing performance features!

  • Transparent tank with large filling opening
  • External suction filter, which can be cleaned easily
  • En removable 4.5 litre fresh water tank with spout
  • Hose winch with 50 m hose and locking
  • Hydraulic agitator, optional to switch on
  • Optimal center of gravity due to the low situated tank


Various applications

  • Fruit trees
  • Vegetable- and mixed cultivations
  • Communal amenities
  • Surroundings sensitive to noise (cemeteries, hospitals, schools)
  • Indoor plantages, greenhouses


Battery performance

  • 1 - 10 bar
  • 14.5 h / 1300 litres (at 2 bar and 1.5 l /min)
  • Li-Ion 25.2 V / 8.7 Ah
  • Charging time < 2.5 h


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